Camdyns first chemo
Camdyn and Rachel
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Camdyn's first chemo
Rachel and Camdyn
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Camdyns Fund

This page is dedicated to Camdyn Dunn. Camdyn is a beautiful 10 year old girl with stage 3 lymphoma. Camdyn currently lives in Branford CT with her mother Rachel. Camdyn, a 5th Grade student at Francis Walsh Intermediate School in Branford, was first diagnosed with stage 3 anaplastic large-cell lymphoma in December 2010. She and her mother are battling this horrible disease alone and need our support. We would like to raise money to help with the overwhelming medical expenses they are incurring. Camdyn and her mom lived in Hamden CT from 2004 until 2008. Camdyn attended the YMCA daycare and summer camps from 2004 until she started kidgergarden in 2006. She also attended Hamden's West Woods School from 2006 until 2008.

Camdyn received intense chemotherapy treatment in December 2010 and were hopeful that she would receive her last chemo treatment in April. Around Mother’s Day, Rachel learned that Camdyn’s cancer had come back in the form of skin lesions. Through consultation with Camdyn’s doctor, Paul Jubinsky, Rachel learned that Camdyn is in a small percentage of lymphoma patients who can not be cured but who can survive if given regular chemotherapy treatments.

The picture on the right shows Camdyn's first day being admitted for chemotherapy treatment. This is the first walk of many, that she will take to the operating room, to receive a spinal tap befoe the offical chemotherapy treatment will start. After the spinal, Camdyn will wake up in the recovery room and be brought to her room. Camdyn's treatments last 6 days, in the hospital. (This will continue for the next 5 months)

Sometimes the chemo makes Camdyn very sick and weak. She is also given steroids with her trearments. The steroids make her so emotional. It was heartbreaking.

Since May, Camdyn has been receiving six ounces of a chemotherapy drug once a week to keep her cancer at bay. Her mom, Rachel, said “It used to be six days a week, 24 hours a day, seven different chemos and now it’s just one, which is such a relief.”

Though the battle is not over yet – Camdyn will likely need a bone marrow transplant in the future – life is getting back to normal (ish) for the blonde-haired mother and daughter duo.

Nine-year-old Camdyn Dunn isn’t mad about having cancer. Instead, as she swivels in a chair at Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Smilow Cancer center, she says she’s mad that she missed the ice cream truck at camp because she had to receive her weekly chemotherapy treatment.

This organization was set up to promote funding for Camdyn's health, welfare, quality of life and maintenance while she battles her cancer. To promote the organizations that help her in that regard and to educate the public about cancers and organizations that are out there for support of children, other individuals and their families that are dealing with the stress of a loved one who is living with cancer.

You can read the New Haven Register artical that ran on Sunday, February 12, 2012 about Camdyn and watch the video by clicking this link. New Haven Register


You can also mail a check to: PO Box 1049, Branford, CT 06405